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Don't make your editor say: "Clean this up!"

Editomat shows you how to make your writing cleaner and brighter.

Editomat runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux
and integrates seamlessly with Word.

Download Your Free Evaluation Copy Now

Try Editomat for free!

The Editomat evaluation copy is fully functional, with a limit of 20,000 characters (enough for a short story).
The evaluation copy will run for 30 days.

Editomat used by Lakota Grace
Lakota Grace, author of the popular Pegasus Quincy mystery series, uses Editomat before she submits manuscripts to her beta readers.

Editomat helps her find and replace the repeated words that litter everyone's early draft.

That's just one of Editomat's many features that help authors identify sections of their work that can be improved.

Read her full review.

Improving dialog with
psycholinguistics and Editomat

The Science Fiction Association of Bergen County (SFABC) invited Clif to discuss using psycholinguistic techniques to improve writing dialog. These techniques help you to show your character's personality with speech instead of description, distinguish different speakers by talking style instead of tags, and give the readers the expected experience from a chracter's dialog.

Download Your Free Evaluation Copy

Try Editomat for free!

The Editomat evaluation copy is fully functional, with a limit of 20,000 characters (enough for a short story).
The evaluation copy will run for 30 days.

Use Editomat to clean your prose
You clean your clothes at a laundromat.

Clean your prose with the prose washers in Editomat.

Editomat helps you make your writing brighter and fresher.

Editomat provides dozens of tools to help you improve your prose, including:

  • Highlighting:
    • words that stain a sentence instead of adding color.
    • words that are repeated nearby.
    • sentences that are too long.
    • passive voice.
    • superfluous "that".
    • weak verbs.
    • cliches.
    • leading clauses.
    • poor language constructs.
  • Displaying
    • words you use most often in a piece.
    • repetitious sentence structure.
    • how your work compares to others in your genre.
    • analyzsis of reading difficulty and emotional tone.
    • word usage by categories like romantic, martial, musical.
  • Tracking the emotional intensity and tone of your writing.
  • Extracting, identifying and analyzing dialog.
  • Extensive thesaurus.
  • And lots more!
You can even extend Editomat's vocabulary and categories to suit your writing.
Editomat Reviewed by Alex Kourvo
"...this software is ideal for the fiction writer."
"five stars"
Alex Kourvo on the Writing Slices Blog

Alex Kourvo, is the author of many novels and short stories, as well as being an editor and a writing instructor,
Read her full review.

Effective Editomat
Editomat serves many purposes.
  • Finds and highlights issues

    Some of these may be deliberate, and if so you can ignore Editomat.

    Other issues in your writing may be unintentional, and Editomat will help you find words and patterns you didn't intend to repeat.

  • Breaks your flow

    It's easy when editing your work to get into the flow and see the story you intend to write, rather than what's on the page. By highlighting the issues, Editomat breaks you out of your story and into what's on the page.

  • Statistical Analysis

    Editomat provides statistics like the Fliesch reading level, word usage, and graphs of emotional intensity to help you determine if the piece properly targets your audience.

  • Comparisons

    Editomat can compare your work to other works. This helps you figure out if you're meeting your reader's expectations or if your story is missing its target.

  • Configurable

    You can define your own patterns for Editomat to highlight. This lets you customize Editomat to your personal needs.

    For example, if the old houses in your horror novel have creeks in the walls, instead of creaks, spell checker's won't catch it.

    Add creek to the pattern list and Editomat will highlight these and you can keep your creeks out by the deserted graveyard instead of in the walls.